Coffee EStates for sale

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Coffee EStates for sale

Coffee Estates for sale in Chikmagalur



Vibez estates having coffee estates in Chikmagalur, Coorg and Sakleshpur is having record of more than ten years maintained by the associate management company on behalf of investing customers. The coffee estates managed by Vibez estates is the best option for those who are looking for place surrounded by beautiful and peaceful environment. We offer all the kind of necessary support and help to maintain the estates thus helping the estates to produce quality coffee for the last few years. Our associate management company will be responsible in maintaining and managing the coffee estates and involves in anything that affects the condition of the estate. The associate managament company in addition to maintaining the estate will also be responsible for giving you regular updates like the amount spent during the process and other maintenance details. Thus Vibez estate is the best choice for investing your hard earned money which will surely help you to get good appreciation. Along with this you will also be getting revenue from the yield.

Vibez Estate Awards

"Vibez Estates Bags the Prestigious Indira Priyadarshini Award - 2013."

It is an honour for Bangalore-based Vibez Estates to be rewarded the Indira Priyadarshini Award by present Pondicherry Governor - Virendra Kataria, Former Union Minister and Governor - Dr. Bhishma Narayan Singh, Former Election Commissioner of India - Dr. G.V.G. KrishnaMurthy, and Former Governor Sikkim - B.P. Singh in New Delhi on 20th November, for its
excellence in promoting rural entrepreneurship. Organized every year by All India National Unity Conference

"Business Excellence and Achievement Award - 2015"

We are delighted to inform you that you have WON the award for the SME Excellence Award in Customer Satisfaction in AGRICULTURE & FARMING EQUIPMENT sector.A BIG Congratulations from KSMBOA for this achievement!.KSMBOA is on its way to create history and to be a strong backbone to all the MSME Entrepreneurs for all their struggles and hardships. With the huge appreciation and response that we are getting today from the government and Businesses.

"Anantara, the Best Eco-Homes Project of the Year Award - 2018."

This award is jointly organized by Quikr Homes & Realty Fact and we are truly humbled and honored to receive it. In a larger sense, it is dedicated to our customers and our many partners who have collaborated with us in achieving our vision of

“An Eco Home initiative where all residents, their families and surrounding communities flourish and thrive.”

"IBE Announces the Best Real Estate Brands List 2018 India"

International Brand Equity announces the Best Real Estate Brands List 2018 India across major cities in India to analyse the most successful real estate brands. The Best Indian Real Estate Brands List 2018 Year Book will be launched on 30th Nov 2018 during the inaugural ceremony of the IBE.The Best Real Estate Brands Awards 2018 Asia”, to be held at Goa.

“Indiaproperty – Commonfloor Realty Awards 2020”

The prominent farming company, Vibez Estate was selected as the Best Co-Farming Project in Bangalore, Karnataka. Vibez Estate has received the Realty Awards 2019 on 4th January 2020, which was organized by IndiaProperty and CommonFloor. Vibez Estate has been selected for this prestigious award for their 11th project in North Bangalore. “Farmers are the greatest asset of this country,” said Mr. Ashwin Kumar – who is the founder of Vibez Estate.


Our ongoing projects are located in chikmagalur in the landscapes of western Ghats. For those who are looking for investment in the coffee estates Vibez Estates in Chikmagalur is the best option.

Coffee EStates for sale
Coffee EStates for sale
Coffee EStates for sale
Layout Plan
Coffee EStates for sale
  • Location

    About Chikmagalur

    Chikmagalur is a hill station in Karnataka, a state in southwest India. To the north is Baba Budangiri, a mountain range in the Western Ghats, with 3 large caves said to be holy. Trails through forests and grasslands lead up to Mullayanagiri Peak. The cascading Hebbe Falls lie in an area of coffee plantations. Chikmangalur is mostly popular for its coffee plantations and a pleasant climate.
    Another renowned attraction that Chikmagalur is known for is its Bababudan Giri ranges. Though it was among the underexplored destinations, the hill station thanks to its picturesque landscapes and greenery has earned a lot of attention from tourists across. Chikmagalur as rugged terrains, stunning mountain regions and lowlands. Because it is situated amidst beautiful landscapes and untouched environs, this is one destination that you must explore. There is also a local belief that coffee was first made in Chikmagalur.


    Tourist Places Near By:

    1.Mullayanagiri, Chikmagalur
    2.Sringeri Mutt
    3.Annapurneshwari Temple, Chikmagalur
    4.Z Point, Chikmagalur
    5.Hanuman Gundi Falls, Chikmagalur
    6.Jhari Waterfalls, Chikmagalur
    7.Shankar Falls, Chikmagalur
    8.Hebbe Falls, Chikmagalur

    Distance :

    Bangalore to Project             – 242 km, 2 hours 30 min

    Nearest Airport                      – Bangalore, Mangalore

    Nearest Railway Station        – Chikmagalur

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  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Question

    1. Can a non-farmer purchase this land?

    Yes, Coffee is been considered as plantation land where even a non-farmer can own the property under section 104 Land reforms act.

    Maintenance will be undertaken by professionally trained people of management company associated with Vibez Estates.

    2. Once investing, when will I be able to see the returns?

    Since current coffee crops are in yielding condition the returns will start from 2017.

    3. What is the approximate maintenance cost?

    On a conservative estimate, the costs will be around 30 thousand (on actuals). The costs will be intimated to you on a regular basis.

    4. Can you mail me the maintenance draft to my email id?

    We do not have a process of sending the maintenance draft through email but, you can always have a copy of it by visiting our office before booking the plot.

    5. What is the duration been taken for registration of the land?

    The land would be ready for registration after 1 month from the date of booking.

    6. What other crops are being planted within this one acre?

    Vibez coffee estate consists of Arabica and Robusta Plantation around 800 plants, Silver oak trees, pepper, oranges and jungle wood trees.

    7. How long does it take to reach Vibez Estates in Chikmagalur from the National Highway?

    It will take 20 Minutes to reach the estate from the national highway

    8. Is it possible for me to sell my land in future?

    Yes, being a registered agreement holder of the property you can sell your plot at any time in future. Vibez club would surely help you in this regard.


Coffee EStates for sale
Coffee EStates for sale

At Vibez Estates, we have a team of experienced, passionate and dedicated professionals with over 30 years of in-depth plantation knowledge. Our associate management company comprises experienced and enthusiastic coffee estate managers all of whom have many years individual professional experience. From taking care of security issues to generating periodic maintenance reports for your perusal, all our associates are committed to creating and implementing innovative solutions to help you to develop and take care of your property.

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